Hi I am Tonya. Partnering with SME business owners, I’ll design bespoke materials to truly represent you and take you where you want to be. I’m delighted to execute a small, specific task for you - or take on your entire range establishing a cohesive branding, including logo design, product video, website, 

and editorial layouts, Instagram content creation and photography. I am able to listen deeply and truly understand who you are and what you want to reflect about your business.  

A national diploma in photography in my youth launched me into an extensive media career. Working for a diverse array of employers and clients from Woolworths to Thislife Magazine to Kids with HIV Foundation, I enjoy and professionally execute design and project management.

I look forward to working with you!

Tonya Hester
visual content creator;
graphic designer;
website layouts;
Instagram management;
experienced coffee quaffer;
avid nature walker and more.
TH Portraits Low Res (Digital)-039-7682.