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Children, Church and the Law

The Warehouse, is a non-governmental organisation (NGO), that actively engages with the South African church network to address issues of poverty, injustice, and division. They collaborate with local churches across various communities, empowering them to initiate meaningful and impactful change.

Client Services

The Warehouse

Book layout - Print


Design an accessible guidebook for non-experts, prioritizing easy reference. Ensure clarity, engagement, and practical understanding for end-users unfamiliar with law or social services.


The book-designed is a user-centric guidebook that harmoniously incorporates colour-coded sections, visually compelling illustrations, an extensive glossary, real-life application examples, and illustrative snippets. Tailored for end-users without specialized education in law or social services, the guidebook ensures easy reference while offering clarity, engagement, and practical understanding of the described principles. The accessible resource empowers users to navigate and comprehend complex concepts with ease, fostering a meaningful and impactful learning experience..

"able to design the layout in a way that was logical, easy to read and eye catching"


"I have had the privilege of working with Tonya laying out a book that I have written. The book included many different aspects and she was able to design the layout in a way that was logical, easy to read and eye catching. She also helped to navigate the pre-publication process.

Tonya is easy to work with, helpful and encouraging."


CHILDREN, CHURCH and the LAW, Erica Greathead

Author, (book published by The Warehouse)


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