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Electrovent / Electrolaser

Electovent is  a leading solutions-driven South African, Cape Town-based manufacturer of approved HVAC components. The company supplies SABS and fire-certified approved airtight doors, fire, smoke, control and non-return dampers. 


Under the umbrella of Electrovent, a secondary company has been established - Electrolaser - providing laser cut products. In association, both companies provide dependable, high-quality products promptly and at market-appropriate prices to the construction sector. This commitment ensures peace of mind regarding compliance with building safety regulations, reinforcing the overall dedication to delivering efficient solutions for the industry.

Client Services

Electrovent / Electrolaser

Discovery & basic strategy

Brand development

Logo & ID systems

Brand style guide

Collateral - print

Product photography


Electrovent sought comprehensive visual assets, commissioning product photography and brochures to showcase their product range.

A logo design was commissioned for Electrolaser, aiming for an aesthetic connection to Electovent while maintaining a distinct identity to establish itself as an independent entity in the market.


The result encompasses a unified Electrolaser logo that harmoniously integrates with the existing brand.


Additionally, a detailed brand style guide has been created, ensuring a cohesive and consistent market presence for both Electrovent and its subsidiary companies.


This style guide has been applied to design print collateral accordingly.


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