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Raynor Jewellery Design

Raynor's Design Studio specializes in crafting unique, personalized jewellery through collaborative processes. Led by Raynor, the team embraces a philosophy of repurposing existing pieces, encouraging clients to bring in old items for transformation. With a dedicated staff, including on-site goldsmiths, they create high-quality fine jewellery, fostering long-term client relationships through personalized consultations and one-of-a-kind designs reflecting individual styles.

Client Services

Raynor Design Studio

Brand development

Discovery & basic strategy

Website layout



The client sought a website to showcase Raynor's expertise in jewellery design. Emphasizing trust, we carefully curated a colour palette and crafted compelling copy to convey both product excellence and Raynor's industry knowledge, ensuring a compelling online presence.


The website, designed with a minimalistic approach, has significantly elevated Raynor's online presence. By showcasing his work prominently, it has become a compelling platform for clients to explore and envision personalized designs. This strategic online representation has not only heightened business awareness but also resulted in increased sales, establishing the website as a successful tool for both showcasing expertise and driving revenue.


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