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Three quarter portrait of Tonya Hester


visual content creator;
graphic designer;
website layouts;
Instagram management;
experienced coffee quaffer;
avid nature walker and more.

"My greatest joy is the moment when you enter and connect into someone else's world, and create a solution which leaves an impression for all to see."

Passionate about designing actionable and bespoke visual identity materials that elevates your business, I work on taking your brand to the next level -whether it's executing a small, specific task or overseeing your entire range to establish a seamless visual branding identity.


Focussed on listening attentively and understanding what your business is about, I collaborate closely to reflect your unique visual needs.

My career path is definitely not a straight line. At the onset, as a qualified photographer, I transitioned into an extensive media journey within marketing and visual brand development.

From demographical studies in Woolworths to photography and design layouts at Thislife Magazine and event management at the Kids with HIV Foundation, my diverse experiences have equipped me with insights and creative solutions that I apply to deliver unparalleled designs within set project management goals.


With your brand always in mind, I am dedicated to partnering with businesses to help them achieve their visual objectives.


Ready to get started?
So am I. Click the link and send me an email. Can't wait.


Heart shapes in coffee cup
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