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Helen Malgas

Helen, a dedicated Counselling Psychologist, specialises in transformative relationships for adolescents, young adults, couples, and families. Pursuing a Doctorate in Child and Adolescent Psychology, she extends her expertise to individual counselling and group sessions for organisational teams. Her practice is a beacon for those seeking authenticity, empowering individuals for enhanced well-being.

Discovery & basic strategy

Brand development

Logo & ID systems

Website layout


Create a visual logo and website design that embodies the calm and passionate approach of Helen's counselling practice, highlighting her unique strength in collaborative and creative methods to assist clients.

Helen Malgas Mock up BC3_cropped_edited_


The logo blends soothing colors and elegant design for a tranquil feel, expressing warmth and empathy. Unconventional symbols reflect Helen's innovative counselling, achieving a distinctive and meaningful representation of her passionate dedication.


"getting to know and understand me as a person and professional"


"Tonya designed my logo and business cards. I was impressed by the care she took in getting to know and understand me as a person and a professional. She managed the whole process from design to printing and collection of cards. She is incredibly creative and delivers a high quality service. You won’t be disappointed." ​


HELEN MALGAS - Counselling Psychologist.


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